Review of Campsite 425 in Ice Age at Devil's Lake State Park Review
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Reviewed on June 19th, 2020
I have camped at Devils Lake for 7 years and never had a site so bad it made me want to go home. The site itself is up a steep hill which makes packing and unpacking quite difficult. To add to that, It rained a lot this time and the steep hill turned into a slippery mud fill hill. I slipped around 15 times and so did my son. The giant boulders and tree roots sticking out of this steep hill made it worry some to climb up and down while slipping in mud. There are two spots for tents both completely filled with boulders and large tree roots as well. There was no way around it we ended up with holes in the bottom of both our tents from our cots rubbing against the boulders and roots. I have never had a complaint about a site before but I was very dissatisfied with this one.
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