Review of Flandrau State Park Review
2 Star Rating2.0 out of 5 stars
Reviewed on June 19th, 2020
It was nice because they do have the man-made pool for swimming. The campgrounds are very open though, so you don't have much privacy like some of the more wooded lots we've been on. There are 3 backpack sites, that are very private, and it's not too far to walk into those. They are 91, 92 and 93. We stayed in the rustic campsite, which is where you have to pump your own water and no showers. we did walk to the semi-modern campsite and showered, so that worked, but the pumping is harder and you definitely will need two people doing it at the same time. Site 62 was the only really wooded one, set back a little more than the others (rustic campsite). I biked through the semi modern campsite and it was pretty much the same layout there as well, more of the open space for camping. There's no paved trails, so just hiking. Some really pretty ones through the woods though!
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