Review of Honeymoon Bay at Georgian Bay Islands National Park Review
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  Campsite #3
Reviewed on June 19th, 2020
We stayed at campsite #3 during the second week of September. During the off-season this would be a fantastic place to camp. However, I would not venture here during peak season if you are looking for a more secluded area. Campsites #1 through to approximately 6 or 7 are right next to one another with no privacy. Since we were the only ones on those spots, it was perfect, small sandy area for pitching your tent mostly secluded. Close to caged boxes for food storage and a separate area available for cooking that was at a point over looking the water. Water access for kayaking and swimming was very good and these sites were closest to the more scenic trails on the island. The breeze off of the water kept the mosquitoes away and beautiful sunsets were plentiful. Overall, if I was to return again I would like check out Honeymoon Bay or Chimney Bay but DEFINITELY during the off season if you are interested in any privacy. The locals stated that there can be upwards of 50 people swimming at Honeymoon Bay during a hot summer day since boats can dock there for the day.
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