Earn 75% commission for 1 full year just by dropping off a sales flyer!  
We are looking for campers to help spread the word about the Campsite Reports reservation system. Simply drop off a sales flyer with your Sales Affiliate # when you camp and if the campground signs up to use the Campsite Reports reservation system, we will pay you 75% commission of the net profits for one full year.*
The Campsite Reports reservation system is 100% free for campgrounds to use and has tons of features!
To get started, simply login to Campsite Reports and return to this page to get your Sales Affiliate Number and the downloadable Sales Flyer.
*The 1 year of commission kicks in once we receive the first reservation from the campground.
Estimated commission is $2.25 per reservation.
Commission paid out each Monday via PayPal for earnings made the previous week.
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