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5 Star Rating  June 26th, 2019   Amazing Campsites!
We had so much fun at this state park! The campsites are wonderful--most are very private and decently sized. The bathroom facilities are some of the best we`ve seen in the state. Plenty of fishing and hiking to be done and the cave is AMAZING! I highly recommend the tour!

When we went, the gnats were BRUTAL, but it was a bad, record year for those statewide, so it wasn`t normal for the park to see. It was terrible though and we did cut our trip short, but we are already planning on coming back next year!

Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park
4 Star Rating  September 18th, 2018   Great location!
This is a great site! I only give it 4/5 stars because it is a bit on the small side. However, a lot of the sites at Gooseberry are. This has water right across from the site, which is convenient. It`s also right across from the main trail and you can just walk out to the cliffs to enjoy the lake. If you catch a full moon at night, it`s so awesome to just walk out to the lake and enjoy it!

Tree coverage is moderate. We`ve camped here several times in pouring rain. It does get a bit muddy, but the tent pad area sits up higher so water doesn`t pool. It ran off nicely after some intense rain and our tent stayed pretty dry.

It`s got a nice little pine grove next to it which my toddler enjoyed exploring.

Overall, a nice site we keep coming back to.

Gooseberry Falls State Park - Site 59
5 Star Rating  August 11th, 2015   Lots to do!
Gooseberry is our favorite State Park in Minnesota and we`ve been going here for years. The campgrounds are the best I`ve seen with great facilities! There`s a lot to see in the area too, which makes it extra fun. Great hiking trails and scenery.

Note that it is BUSY during the Summer weekends in the main areas (like the falls themselves).

Gooseberry Falls State Park
5 Star Rating  August 11th, 2015   Beautiful Site!
This site sits next to the river and you can access it easily by walking through a little trail straight from your campsite. Loved waking up to the sound of the river.

Great shade and privacy at this site! Just wish the fire ring were a little further in, but it really isn`t a big deal.

One of the best!

Whitewater State Park - Site 70
5 Star Rating  August 11th, 2015   Best site at Whitewater
This site is tough to get in the Summer, but boy is it beautiful. It`s right next to the River and has easy access for swimming. Great little "beach" right outside this campsite. Lovely shade and privacy. It`s a great pick!
Whitewater State Park - Site 69
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