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Real Name:Brenda
Location:Minnesota, USA
Member Since:March 5, 2018
Photos Submitted:5
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 Cascade River State Park, Minnesota - A20
3 Star Rating  August 6th, 2019   New bathroom in 2020
Site 1 and 3 have been cleared to build new bathroom which is supposed to be ready in 2020. Should be a huge improvement.
Temperance River State Park
4 Star Rating  August 6th, 2019   Pull-thru
This is a nice spacious site and has been turned into a pull-thru.
Temperance River State Park - Site 19e
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  Temperance River State Park - Campsite 22e Temperance River State Park - Campsite 28e Jay Cooke State Park - Campsite 39e Jay Cooke State Park - Campsite 39e Nerstrand Big Woods State Park - Campsite 29e  
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