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5 Star Rating  August 5th, 2014   Best northern provincial campground!
This campground gets very busy July to August. Visit the website to make reservations through Discover Camping. Midweek camping, you`ll find a spot, weekend camping sells out fast especially if the sun is out!

We camp in a 26` travel trailer. We`ve camped many years at Furlong Bay on Lakelse Lake, and it is one of the nicest provincial campgrounds we`ve been to; they do not have full hook-ups, but as of 2014, just added a few electrical hook-ups. There is a sani-dump on site.

The kids will take their bikes and go all over, or even down to the beach. There are arguments by locals over which is the best side to camp on ~ most agree that it`s the gravel side (sites 1 - 81). The paved side is full of skunk cabbage, and it`s not as private or shady as the gravel side. Besides just the camping experience, for the kids there is the beach, great for swimming and a small park to play at.

As for the campsites themselves, if you stick to the gravel side, there is a small field adjacent to the shower/toilet building. The best sites are 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 45, 46. These sites are the closest to the shower/toilet building and the field. When you have small kids, it`s nice to have some place they can go place frisbee, soccer, bocce ball, etc. The top sites are 32, 35 and 46.

There are great trails to walk through ~ watch for wild life. Black bears are not uncommon to be wandering through sites, and down at the parking lot of the beach. However they will post a sign if bears are active in the area.

Note to you party people: the campground watch is very strict over not wandering to other people`s campgrounds late at night... they drive around all night long. Great feeling of security, but not so nice for those that want to visit friends in another campsite!

Lakelse Lake Provincial Park
5 Star Rating  August 5th, 2014   45 minutes east of Prince George, great campground!
Purden is a great campground. It has 78 sites, half of which are reservable and the other half are first-come, first-serve.

Beach is a fair distance from the campground, lots of people drive. It`s about a 3 km roundtrip walk, but it`s through a beautiful forest trail system that goes along the lakeside. The lake is clean, no swimmer`s itch. There is the public beach and adjacent to it is the pet beach. Great lake to bring your water toys!

Campsites are private, lots of trees around. However, there are LOTS of bugs. Upon exiting the vehicle, ensure you have bug spray handy or have sprayed prior to arriving. Mosquitoes, black flies, bees, you name it, it`s there. Despite that fact, it is a great place to camp. Just keep your fire going all day (small) which helps to keep some bugs at bay.

Sites are level but some are difficult to manoeuver into if you have a larger RV. We travel with a 26` trailer and it`s a bugger getting into some of them. Best sites we like are 39 to 47 on the reservation side, and on the first-come, first-serve side 10, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22.

We travel with kids (13 &9) so tend to stay close to playgrounds, washrooms & beach trails.

Purden Lake Provincial Park
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  Purden Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia - Trail leading from campground to beach. Purden Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia - Standing on beach, view of lake, roped off swimming area (public side) Purden Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia - Beach area. Lots of room, don`t forget your sand toys! Purden Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia - Lakeside trail, campsite to/from beach. 3 km round trip easy walk. Purden Lake Provincial Park - Campsite 40  
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