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Real Name:Tyler
Location:Keene, Ontario, Canada
Member Since:March 1, 2012
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5 Star Rating  March 1st, 2012   Beautiful view
With direct access to the water, a short jaunt to the beach, and vault toilets, the site is near perfect. Comfort station is only 2 or 3 minutes away. There is a slight inclination to the left side of the site, but it will help to ensure you are dry if it rains. If you put your tent on the flat part, expect the bottom of the tent to get wet - it`s a better area for a dining tent. A great deal of coverage from the trees, which can drop some sap, will keep you cool in a hot sun, but the sun does start the day on the site. Great view of Gurd Lake, the island, and the beach. Some people traffic as there is a path to the beach, and from cars turning around at the end of the road. Quiet and beautiful.
Grundy Lake Provincial Park - Site 305
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  Grundy Lake Provincial Park - Campsite 305  
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