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3 Star Rating  October 28th, 2015   Convenient
We spent 4 days at this site. It was a good size and very clean. It was very close to a clean flush toilet.
It was a nice short bike ride to the path to the beach. The closest beach was a bit small but never packed and clean. We spent the most time at this beach instead of driving to the others.
There was SO much poison ivy around this area. It put a damper on things because I was terrified to have the kids get it so there was a lot of nagging to not go near anything green (part of the fun of camping).

Arrowhead Provincial Park - Site 450
4 Star Rating  October 28th, 2015   Beautiful
This is a beautiful site. Very large and very private. It is a few site down from a flush toilet.
I would be a little leery if my kids were very little as the back of the site is on a steep drop. Not an issue with my girls, 8 and 11. It helps contribute to the privacy. Lots of tall trees with little sun. Close enough to a comfort station for us.

Arrowhead Provincial Park - Site 336
3 Star Rating  October 26th, 2015   Our first Camping trip
We stayed here on our first ever camping trip. We di 2 nights with the Ontario Parks "Learn to Camp" program.
We have since upgraded our tent to a 10 person and find this site a but snug now. It would be perfect for a lightly smaller tent.
This site has a large chunk of rock to the right hand side that our girls used a s stage/clubhouse/play area. It also has a very large stump in the middle of the site. We used it to hand things from but a it is an inconvenience.
It is very to flush toilets and Very close to the beach.
This is a small park but we really enjoy the cozy feeling and friendly staff.

Six Mile Lake Provincial Park - Site 114
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