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Real Name:Jim
Location:Alberta, Canada
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1 Star Rating  August 2nd, 2018   Too much dust!
Stayed for two nights just got home. Kids there now till end of Aug. long weekend 2018. Very busy, no one enforcing rules. 3 miles of very dusty rutted roads to get there and then the roads in the park are just as rutted and dusty. Everyone wants down by the lake so trailers coming through all day long and no speed limit enforced so those of us with a site are continually being dust all tithe time. Contact park office to no avail. Said they’d look into it. Local bible camp comes in with three big vans drops off thirty kids and zooms out dusting us, only to return 3 hours later to pick them back up and dust us a second time. Nice lake, campaites were tight for trailers, won’t let you burn dead fallen trees(there everywhere)
A lot standing too. Not much amenities for your $23.00 a night.
Probably won’t go back.

Chinook Lake Provincial Recreation Area
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