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4 Star Rating  September 7th, 2015   Close Getaway
For a quick escape from the fast pace of life in the valley, try a couple of days up at Diamond Campground. Very pretty & quiet, a very short ride up Spanish Fork Canyon, hang a left, slow down on the accelerator and your mental thoughts, and enjoy yourself. Forget that it`s only taken a few minutes to arrive, and you`ll be thinking that you`re on an extended camping trip.
Check out the posted photos for a bit more info on the place.

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  Diamond, Utah - Diamond Campground Entrance Diamond, Utah - Campground consists of two loops, A & B.  Loop A is forested & shady; loop B much more sun, mostly scrub Juniper. Diamond, Utah - Nice paved drives through the campgrounds.  Spot #3 is very nice & shady (we spent a day in it), but the host runs his generator all day for his air conditioning.  Perhaps with cooler weather coming, not so much an issue.  But be fore-warned. Diamond, Utah - A typical single site in Loop A. Metal table, large fire pit, & metal grill stand at the back are all provided. Diamond, Utah - Some sites are doubles; will accommodate two groups & outfits.  Fees are double. Diamond, Utah - Clean pit toilets available. Water available to fill containers, etc., but no hose hook-up for RV. No dump station available that we saw.  Collecting firewood not a problem.
Diamond, Utah - Info, rules regs. Diamond, Utah - There is a nice interactive type nature trail with excellent signage throughout both loops geared towards a family walk/hike.  Very cool!  Well done. Diamond, Utah - Entrance to Loop B. As you can see, pretty,but much less shade, so shelters have been constructed over the picnic tables. The road goes down a ways.
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