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Real Name:Dags
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 Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park, Ontario

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2 Star Rating  June 18th, 2012   Nothing Special
I have been there a number of times with friends and family. Its about a 4 hour drive from Hamilton, Ont. and in my personal opinion the park is nothing special. Good for fishing if you have boat, ok for swimming at the beach (nice clean sand on the beach / muddy bottom in the water) the beach is on the small side mind you the camp ground is on the small side as well. If you are camping with a 5th wheel trailer you have to keep an eye for low hanging trees they do an bad job trimming at the park. Also with large trailers the sites that they say can accommodate you, well maybe but good luck. This is one park that really has nothing around it Perry Sound is about 45min away give or take. All and all there are far better parks to travel to.
Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park
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