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Real Name:Joan
Location:Minnesota, USA
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 Alexander Ramsey Park, Minnesota

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5 Star Rating  March 7th, 2015   Fun for the whole family
Here is a park for everyone. RV (electrical hookups, no water hookups) and tenters alike. There is one pull through site and the other sites although roomy, don`t offer any privacy from your neighbors. (Great for people camping together) Lots of playgrounds (I counted 4) for the kids as well as a baseball diamond, and even a small zoo that my 5 yr old granddaughter loved. For the fisherman, there is the Redwood river that is equipped with even handicap access. Although there are bike trails, I wouldn`t recommend them for small children. They are steep and hilly (and paved), but for walking, they are great. The trails are well marked and there is a cool suspension bridge as well as a waterfall. LOVE this park!
Alexander Ramsey Park
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  Alexander Ramsey Park, Minnesota - Playground close to campground Alexander Ramsey Park, Minnesota - Suspension bridge Alexander Ramsey Park, Minnesota - A small playground Alexander Ramsey Park, Minnesota - Beautiful paved `bike` trails Alexander Ramsey Park, Minnesota - Cool pavilions you can rent. Alexander Ramsey Park, Minnesota - Another playground
Alexander Ramsey Park, Minnesota - Rainbow trout, caught in the river
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