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Kettletown State Park

1400 Georges Hill Rd, Southbury, Connecticut USA
(203) 264-5169
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There is 1 review of Kettletown State Park.
5 Star Rating   June 23rd, 2012   A Very wonderful campground!!
After discovering that all of the campgrounds in CT have now turned to an outfir called "Reserve America" to deal with their bookings I pleged I would never visit a campground that employed such a BS company again. You go camping to get away from the technology and computer but for some reason they make you book your campsite using stupid technoogy and charge you a $9.00 transaction fee to do so. However, my 3 year old was bugging me to take him camping and back woods was not the way to go for his first trip so I bit the bullet and booked a site at Kettltown through that Reserve America outfit. It was a very nice time,the sites were well wooded, the lake was very clean along with the bathrooms, toilets, and everything else. We stayed for 3 nights and the ranger came by every day along with the cleaning people to tidy up the campground and restock the TP and stuff like that. Unfortunatly it will be a while befor my sun is ready for a real camping trip so I will be a slave to "Reserve America for the next few years as I will be returning to kettletown a few more times to introduce the young one to the great outdoors.
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