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Bruce Peninsula National Park

Ontario Canada
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In the heart of a World Biosphere Reserve, the 'Bruce' is place of global significance. Thousands of visitors come each year to experience the massive, rugged cliffs of the park, inhabited by thousand year old cedar trees, overhanging the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay. The park is comprised of an incredible array of habitats from rare limestone barrens (i.e. Alvars) to dense forests and clean lakes.

Campground Areas

Bruce Peninsula National Park has 3 campground areas.
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Cyprus Lake Campground - Poplar Loop
Cyprus Lake Campground - Birch Loop
Cyprus Lake Campground - Tamarack Loop


There are 242 campsites at this Park.
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There are 3 reviews of Bruce Peninsula National Park.
1 Star Rating   August 4th, 2015   Horrible campground
Beautiful park TERRIBLE CAMPGROUND. A waste of money just use it for dayuse camp somewhere else with real facilities and proper campsites.

2 Star Rating   March 22nd, 2015   needs proper facilities
beautiful landscape crappy facilities. how about some showers and clean bathrooms. campsites are poor everything is rather a disgrace for a national park. agree with other poster ontario parks are way better managed and maintained

3 Star Rating   December 1st, 2014   Beautiful area, terrible camping
I have such mixed feelings about this park. The area is stunning and there is so much to see and do. However, the camping is undeniably bad. We stayed at the Cypress Lake campground in Bruce Peninsula National Park for the second year in a row, in July/August of 2014. We stayed 5 nights in the Poplars section of the campground. The camping was terrible. The site (#28) was listed as "good" privacy when we reserved it online in April of 2014. However, the site was exposed to at least 4 other campsites, with very little shrubbery or growth in between sites. The site itself was a mudpit, despite a fresh layer of gravel having been laid down just before our arrival. Our lightweight tent trailer sunk on one side due to the mud. The muck was caused by a continually leaking watertap nearby. It`s a shame that Parks Canada decided the appropriate action was to lay more gravel instead of fixing the problem - the leaky tap. Washrooms are primitive at best, with inadequate cleaning. Showers are not available in this area. For a price not much less than camping with Ontario Parks, our experience camping with the National Parks system is far inferior to Ontario Parks. While we really enjoyed the hiking in the area and various other activities, we were very disappointed by the camping and won`t be returning to the area for a few years. When we do return we may try a private campground.
Submitted by: redheart
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