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Joshua Tree National Park

74485 National Park Drive, Twentynine Palms, California 92277 USA
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Viewed from the road, this desert park only hints at its vitality. Closer examination reveals a fascinating variety of plants and animals that make their home in this land shaped by strong winds, unpredictable torrents of rain, and climatic extremes. Dark night skies, a rich cultural history, and surreal geologic features add to the attraction of this place. Come see for yourself!

Campground Areas

Joshua Tree National Park has 11 campground areas.
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Belle Campground
Black Rock Campground
Cottonwood Campground - Group Loop
Hidden Valley Campground
Indian Cove Campground
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There are 535 campsites at this Park.
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There are 2 reviews of Joshua Tree National Park.
3 Star Rating   April 27th, 2018   Joshua Tree
The park is beautiful with lots of great hiking. Campsite we found to be very small and very squished together. Don`t plan on camping in the park with anything larger than 20`. Just outside the entrance of the park is BLM land where you can dry camp for free. Accessible for any size of unit.
Submitted by: nmac

4 Star Rating   April 8th, 2010
I LOVE Joshua tree. And my favorite area to camp is Jumbo rocks. Many sites, lots of walking,climbing, and spread out.
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