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Whitney Lakes Provincial Park

Alberta Canada
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Formed more than 10,000 years ago when glaciers retreated, this area has been sculpted into a spectacular landscape of esker & kettle formations. An extensive trail system links Ross, Whitney, Laurier & Borden lakes. Interpretive signs along trails describe the area's plants & animals. Exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities and well treed campsites.

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Whitney Lakes Provincial Park has 2 campground areas.
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Ross Lake Campground
Whitney Lake Campground


There are 199 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Whitney Lakes Provincial Park.
1 Star Rating   April 22nd, 2018   Daughters birthday camp trip
We will never camp at Whitney again.
Park ranger went through our tent when we were gone at the park.

Very rude when asked about it. (If it wasn`t you then who was it?) Door was open and we were told you were there.

Pulled over my daughters uncle for having an owl claw hanging from his mirror. (He has had it since he was 4)
Arrested him for it...on my daughter`s birthday.

Of course we left and will not go back. Had to fight for our money back bc it was after 2. We only wanted it back for that night since we weren`t going to be there and the next day.

My son also got swimmers itch
So thanks for that as well.

Now before you ignore this post I want you to know we are professional campers. We have camped Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. And I have never experienced anything like this. I will be taking action for the ranger going through my tent.

Have never needed a lock on my tent before well all that has changed.

This isn`t the only review I have left for Whitney state park.

I feel like this was unnecessary and not to mention very unprofessional.
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