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Wheatley Provincial Park

Wheatley, Ontario N0P 2P0 Canada
(519) 825-4659
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In Canada's sun parlour close to its southernmost tip, this secluded estuary on Lake Erie shelters many creatures. Migrating birds stop here, turtles sun on logs and herons wade in the shallow creeks. Watch for birds in the Carolinian forest and camp under oak and hickory trees.

Campground Areas

Wheatley Provincial Park has 4 campground areas.
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Boosey Creek Campground
Highlands Campground
Middle Creek Campground
Two Creeks Campground


There are 210 campsites at this Park.
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There are 8 reviews of Wheatley Provincial Park.
4 Star Rating   December 4th, 2016   Beautiful Park in May
We camped at Wheatley for the first time in May of 2016. It is a beautiful little park, loaded with wildflowers and migrating birds when we visited. We stayed in the Highlands campground, which was quite soggy despite the name. Check site information carefully for warnings about poor drainage. There are some beautiful campsites right along the creek; we intend to try one of those the next time we come to Wheatley.

The park store carries quite a few items, as well as selling firewood. The comfort station in the Highlands campground is outdated, but was kept clean. The “playground” labeled on the online map near the Highlands campground can’t really be called a playground – it’s a set of swings only. There is a fantastic playground at the beach though, which can be accessed by road or by crossing a footbridge from Two Creeks or Boosey campgrounds. The hiking trail along the creeks was a beautiful, easy walk but needs some maintenance – there were several trees across the trail when we visited.

Point Pelee and Hillman Marsh are just a short drive away, and we visited both on our trip. The town of Wheatley is only a minute’s drive from the entrance and has gas stations and what we’re told is a great little restaurant – the Car Barn.

We really enjoyed our visit to Wheatley and despite some minor shortcomings will camp here again during the spring migration, enjoying the relative quietness and natural setting of this park.
Submitted by: redheart

5 Star Rating   February 21st, 2015   Well maintained
Excellent for birdwatching. Close to Point Pelee National Park and the onion fields.

5 Star Rating   November 14th, 2014   Nice park for older people
Great for people that want a quite getaway without the distractions of more popular parks that offer tons of activities for families. Good choice of campsites wooded or open with electric and non-electric sites. Beach is away from the campground so that helps to keep things peaceful. People with children may not find this park suitable as it has limited activities and the beach is quite aways from the campgrounds. Very clean park with regular patrols by the wardens. Noisy campers are not tolerated.
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