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Mara Provincial Park

Orillia, Ontario L3V 6S1 Canada
(705) 326-4451
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For over 4,000 years, natives built weirs to harvest fish teeming in the narrows here between lakes Couchiching and Simcoe. Perch still spawn here and anglers also come for bass, muskie and trout. The main attraction of this little park near Orillia is the wide, sandy beach, one of Lake Simcoe's best.

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There are 3 reviews of Mara Provincial Park.
3 Star Rating   August 28th, 2011
I like this park.Lucky my campsites was good. some sites are very good some are very small,open, Broken and sloppy...try your luck. Very good Beach area.

1 Star Rating   June 26th, 2011
Been going there for years with no incidents, this past weekend was my worst experiance there or any of the provincial parks that i have had the optiopn to stay at. The park warden where on some kind of power trip, gave warnings and evictions to us a
group of young adults and also a family a couple of sites over

1 Star Rating   June 26th, 2011
Worst camping experience I have ever had. I would not recommend this park to anyone!
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