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Jay Cooke State Park

780 Highway 210, Carlton, Minnesota 55718 USA
(218) 384-4610
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Best known for its Swinging Bridge, which leads across the thundering St. Louis River, this park features outstanding trails for bikers (both mountain and tour), hikers, horseback riders, and skiers. Park trails link to the Willard Munger State Trail.

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Jay Cooke State Park has 3 campground areas.
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Main Campground
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Main Campground - Cabin Loop


There are 90 campsites at this Park.
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There are 5 reviews of Jay Cooke State Park.
4 Star Rating   July 26th, 2016
Great park have visited it for years. Wonderful views by the river.
Super paved biking trail that goes right thru the park.
The bathroom/Showers have seen better days and are in dire need of updating.
Great programs on the weekends.

3 Star Rating   December 29th, 2011

4 Star Rating   July 6th, 2009
The main attraction to this park is the St. Louis River and it's unique shale rock formations. There is a neat hanging bridge over the river behind the visitor center. It's fun to go climbing on the rocks and has some beautiful scenery. The park has 50 miles of hiking trails and some incredible scenic overlook areas which provide a view of the valley and the river down below. This park is in the pinelands area and has a wonderful pine smell all throughout the park.

The campground was adequate but I wouldn't say it was overly impressive. The showers and main bathroom building are pretty old and has seen better days. The loops could have been marked better and were a little confusing at first. Sites 1, 2, 3, 39, and 41 are right on the main road and are literally 3 feet from the traffic. I wouldn't want one of those sites if you have kids. This park does not have a playground.
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