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New Germany State Park

349 Headquarters Lane, Grantsville, Maryland 21536 USA
(301) 895-5433
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New Germany State Park has 2 campground areas.
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Main Campground - Cabin Loop


There are 50 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of New Germany State Park.
5 Star Rating   July 5th, 2012   Our favorite Maryland Campground
I had to leave a review for New Germany because my wife and I just love it. The campground is scenic, quiet, and because of the great camp hosts and Rangers, also friendly. You have a choice of wooded sites, pet friendly sites, and a nice loop with open space with a few mature pines for shade. There are no electric camping sites but there are cabins with amenities if you prefer. The restrooms are standard with showers but the best part about them is they get cleaned regularly, sometimes three times a day!

The park is popular in the winter with Cross-country skiers so the cabins are open year-round. There is a nice "warming lodge" that houses a refreshment stand and occasional activities for children and adults. We attended a show once that had a local musician who played numerous hand made Appellation instruments.

Next to the Lodge is a small building for local wildlife education and down the hill is a great little lake. The lake has a beach and paddle boat, row boat, and kayak rentals. The fishing is good and the water is cold!

The park has a few fairly short hiking trails but within a few miles are a number of longer trails and also a large reservoir for boating and fishing. Deep Creek lake is about 20 minutes away.

New Germany is a great place to camp in the mid-summer because it is about 2500` in elevation and normally 10-20 degrees cooler that the lower elevations areas like the District. It`s the perfect place for families with young children and people who really want a break from city life.
Submitted by: BillS
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