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Parvin State Park

701 Almond Rd, Pittsgrove, New Jersey 08318 USA
(856) 358-8616
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Parvin State Park has 1 campground area.
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There are 56 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Parvin State Park.
3 Star Rating   April 28th, 2013   nice campground for just getting away it the woods
this campground is small but nice there has been some damage from a straight line storm last year and one one loop lots of trees had to be removed do to pine beetles but there are still lots of nice sites lake is very nice for fishing and paddleing. there are cabins that are real cabins with electric and bunks they also have cannoe and kayak rentals.the bath houses are little run down picnic tables and benches are in poor shape in alot of sites,this is still a nice place for a get away as long as you go through and pic your site ahead of time they also have a pet friendly loop
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