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Fair Haven Beach State Park

14985 State Park Rd, Fair Haven, New York 13064 USA
(315) 947-5205
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Fair Haven Beach State Park is located in upstate New York on the eastern portion of the Lake Ontario shoreline. It has one of the finest public lakefronts in upstate New York, with towering shoreline bluffs, sandy beaches and adjoining hilly woodlands. The park features 1500 feet of beautiful sand beach including 600 feet of guarded swim area. Inland, Sterling Pond and Creek are centrally located amongst the geological transition between woods and water. Campgrounds and cabin areas are nestled within the gently rolling woodlands.Fishing and boating opportunities are plentiful in Lake Onta ...

Campground Areas

Fair Haven Beach State Park has 4 campground areas.
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Pond Shore Campground
Drumlin Campground
Bluff Campground
Lakeview Campground


There are 218 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Fair Haven Beach State Park.
5 Star Rating   February 17th, 2011
large state park located on Lake Ontario. Large sandy swim beach. Some very good campsites. Lakeview sites are located on a high bluff above the lake with great sunsets. Bluff sites have electric and water but they are smaller and very close together. The pond sites are only good for fishing, as the pond contains a lot of vegetation and attract many more insects. Many of the pond sites are small and hilly. The Drumlin sites are nice, lots of trees, sizes vary quite a bit but most are quite decent. Restrooms are decent. One of my favorite NY State Parks.
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