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Hoeft State Park

5001 US-23 N, Rogers City, Michigan 49779 USA
(989) 734-2543
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Hoeft State Park is a heavily wooded park with a mile of sandy, Lake Huron shoreline. A paved non-motorized trail connects the park to Huron Sunrise Trail which stretches to Rogers City riding along the beach next to Lake Huron and ends at the world's largest open pit limestone mine.

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There are 2 reviews of Hoeft State Park.
4 Star Rating   August 11th, 2015   Nice family park
Nice park on Lake Huron with a few shorter hiking trails that are perfect for introducing kids to hiking. The beach is scenic with moderate sized sand dunes. There is a paved bike trail that runs along the lake to Rogers City. Ocqueoc Falls is a short drive away and is a popular swim spot for locals. The park is clean, scenic and is a great place to catch a sunrise over the lake.

4 Star Rating   June 30th, 2011
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