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Copper Falls State Park

36764 Copper Falls Road, Mellen, Wisconsin 54546 USA
(715) 274-5123
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Ancient lava flows, deep gorges, and spectacular waterfalls make Copper Falls one of Wisconsin's most scenic parks. Log buildings built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s add to the park's charm. There is plenty to do; hiking, bicycling, picnicking, fishing, and swimming. The North Country National Scenic Trail passes through Copper Falls State Park.

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Copper Falls State Park has 4 campground areas.
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There are 7 reviews of Copper Falls State Park.
3 Star Rating   January 12th, 2019

3 Star Rating   January 12th, 2019

4 Star Rating   September 14th, 2016   First time visiting
This was the first time I`ve ventured to this park. After all the rain they`ve had in this area, I was hoping it wasn`t washed out. Once inside the park, it`s a beautiful park. The "electric" sites were well situated - only downfall was the "Handicapped" site is basically made for an RV or Pop-up, our tent (16x20) was to small for the area available to place our tent and since we went with family members, they were nice enough to swap sites, to which the park had no hassle swapping our names to the opposite sites. The only other downfall, was since the site was listed as "handicapped" - it was odd they placed it next to pit toilets and not flushed. The only site that is close to the flush toilets/showers is site #57 which isn`t viewable on the campsite maps. And the site we were at, was a distance to take a shower. Once you learned the map - the walk/trail for the Dougboy trail, was an awesome experience - great views of the many falls that were within this park. Rangers are very nice, and the park staff kept the park and toilet areas well cleaned. There is a play area for the kids, marked areas for your pets. There is a small town just before you enter the park drive, to where you can buy things you might of forgotten - but if you want a truly GREAT burger - to go the SNOW CREEK BAR & GRILL which is down the street from the town`s City Hall and kiddy corner from the Senior Center - THE BEST BURGERS!! BUt I would come back to this park time and time again.
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