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Interstate State Park

1100 State Road 35, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin 54024 USA
(715) 483-3742
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Known for natural potholes formed by glaciers. Incredible trails, cliffs, and views. Whatever outdoor activities you enjoy, you'll find that a variety of recreational opportunities await you at Interstate State Park. It's Wisconsin's oldest state park, established in 1900. The park is in Wisconsin's Forest Transition landscape, across the Saint Croix River from Minnesota's Interstate State Park.

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Interstate State Park has 3 campground areas.
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There are 2 reviews of Interstate State Park.
5 Star Rating   July 4th, 2009
Wonderful state park and campground. Lots of great hiking trails with incredible scenery. Naturalist programs offered 3 times per day with different hands-on themes for the kids. Tons to do - we love this park!

5 Star Rating   April 3rd, 2009
We took our family here with a group of other families. I had no idea how awesome this park would be. The scenery is amazing. Incredible trails. They had a lumberjack workshop for the kids and they had a blast. I highly recommend this park!
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