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Tidewater Provincial Park

Cochrane, Ontario P0L 1C0 Canada
(705) 336-2987
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Twenty kilometres from the salt waters of James Bay, Tidewater consists of four islands in the Moose River estuary. Water taxis take campers to Charles Island where sub-Arctic flora flourish and seals and belugas sometimes play. This is Cree country and site of the first Hudson's Bay Company trading post at Moose Factory.

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Charles Island Campground


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There is 1 review of Tidewater Provincial Park.
3 Star Rating   April 16th, 2014   No Camping anymore at Tidewater
As of 2013, there is no more camping available at this park, according to Parks Ontario. Tidewater Park is a provincial park run by the town of Moosonee. It is free to get into (you can take a water taxi from Moosonee) and there are washroom facilities and picnic shelters available.
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