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The Pinery Provincial Park

RR 2, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M 1T0 Canada
(519) 243-2220
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Here on Lake Huron, vast waves of sand dunes roll back from the shore to meet groups of towering oaks, the largest oak savanna woodlands remaining in North America. These ancient trees preside over a mosaic of prairie grasses, wildflowers and shrubs. Sun-drenched meadows teem with rare and unique butterflies, songbirds and reptiles. Go softly here along boardwalks and bicycle trails and endless sand beaches. Come, too, in winter to camp, stay overnight in a yurt, toboggan and ski on groomed trails.

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The Pinery Provincial Park has 4 campground areas.
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Burley Campground
Dunes Campground
Riverside Campground
Group Campground


There are 1,099 campsites at this Park.
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There are 11 reviews of The Pinery Provincial Park.
3 Star Rating   March 12th, 2020

5 Star Rating   December 7th, 2018   Love
Great childhood memories as well as adult ones. Love The Pinery
Submitted by: Karen

5 Star Rating   February 21st, 2016   Not a Party Park as stated
Great park, yes there are a lot of people, but well patrolled by Park staff n OPP. 0 tolerance for loud n noisy sites after 11. Great beach once water levels get back to their normal levels..... Very Eco friendly, excellent trail system, and fall camping here is second to none.
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