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Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Pass Lake, Ontario P0T 2M0 Canada
(807) 977-2526
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On the southern tip of this rugged peninsula near Thunder Bay lies the legendary Sleeping Giant. Venture deep into its boreal forests to experience the backcountry, or follow its rugged trails to the top of the giant for unbeatable views of Lake Superior. Look for deer, moose and other large mammals in the park’s vast forests and lowlands. Whether you are hiking along lush green paths or gliding over snowy trails, the beauty of this park will leave you spellbound.

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Sleeping Giant Provincial Park has 2 campground areas.
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Marie Louise Lake Campground - North Loop
Marie Louise Lake Campground - South Loop


There are 200 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.
4 Star Rating   October 4th, 2011
I`m a bit bummed that we got to this park at sunset and it was a bit too cold to camp... This park looked really cool and I wanted to spend more time here. it`s rather big and has a lot of nice nature to offer. I can`t recall when I`ve seen this many whitetail deer in one hour before! They were everywhere and did slow down our drive out of the park a bit...
Submitted by: Brian Prom
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