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Selkirk Provincial Park

RR 1, Selkirk, Ontario N0A 1P0 Canada
(905) 776-2600
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A banding station here has recorded visits from migrating sandpipers and kingfishers, ducks and herons to the marshes and meadows by Spring Creek. Opossum live in the oak and hickory woods. This shore near Port Dover once sheltered fishing boats and shallow Lake Erie still yields lots of perch, bass and catfish.

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There are 2 reviews of Selkirk Provincial Park.
3 Star Rating   October 15th, 2013   nasty beach
beach no longer cleaned, could go to beach to swim without walking through green smelly stuff. Where you camp its very clean , some staff friendly others are not. I like the park because it`s not far away from where I live. p.s bring your own water because it tastes like chemical now.

5 Star Rating   September 12th, 2011
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