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Rushing River Provincial Park

Kenora, Ontario P9N 3X9 Canada
(807) 548-4351
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Rushing River cascades over rock gouged by glaciers in a series of rapids but elsewhere is passable by canoe. A forest fire in 1910 cracked open pine cones and scattered heat-resistant seeds, resulting in trees all the same height around Dogtooth Lake. Canoe routes are easily accessible from the park.

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Rushing River Provincial Park has 4 campground areas.
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Northwest Campground
Northeast Campground
Southwest Campground
Southeast Campground


There are 208 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Rushing River Provincial Park.
5 Star Rating   February 11th, 2017   Tenting heaven.
Excellent facilities, but the lake views are the best!
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