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Rondeau Provincial Park

Hwy 15, Morpeth, Ontario N0P 1X0 Canada
(519) 674-1750
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Jutting from the shores of Lake Erie, this enormous crescent-shaped sandspit features delicate dunes stubbled with hardy grasses; and marshlands where herons, bitterns and rails nest. Beech, sassafras, sugar maple, shagbark hickory and tulip trees thrive in one of Canada's largest Carolinian forests. Sunlit meadows of prairie grasses grow here among towering oaks and pines in a protected oak savanna. Rare animal species, including the endangered prothonotary warbler and the eastern spiny softshell turtle, call Rondeau home.

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Rondeau Provincial Park has 3 campground areas.
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There are 267 campsites at this Park.
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There are 19 reviews of Rondeau Provincial Park.
1 Star Rating   June 12th, 2019   Party park
Rondeau is a notorious party park. Just do a search for it on Victoria Day long weekend 2017.

3 Star Rating   October 25th, 2017   Rondeau Park
This provincial park is the second oldest park in Ontario next to Algonquin. Like Algonquin it has several private cottages. These cottages are on park land and they lease the land from the park. The lease is up at the end of 2017 and at the moment they are in negotiations to renew the lease for another 21 years. If the lease is not renewed the cottages are to removed at the owners expense. The cottages are mostly all heritage cottages and have been in some families for several generations. Many are very unique and yes some are a bit run down but the threat of no land lease deters them from making expensive improvements. They bring in considerable revenue which helps with other park improvements.
The park is large and has lots of great biking and hiking opportunities. The water on the bay side offers a sheltered area that is used by a lot of wind surfers.
The camping area has both electrical and non electrical sites. Many of the sites are extremely unlevel and not suitable for RV`s. They are closer together than most provincial parks. Most sites have some form of shade and some are fully shaded.
Submitted by: nmac

1 Star Rating   August 1st, 2015   Campsites NOT!!!
Just change the name to Rondeau Provincial PARKING LOT.
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