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Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Terrace Bay, Ontario P0T 2W0 Canada
(807) 824-2298
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Cascading waters plunge over the rock ledges of Rainbow Falls on their way to Lake Superior. Trails, including the Casque-Isles section of the Voyageur Trail, lead to panoramic views. Choose to camp near the beaches of Whitesand Lake or along the rugged shore of Lake Superior at the Rossport Campground.

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Rainbow Falls Provincial Park has 2 campground areas.
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Whitesand Lake Campground
Rossport Campground


There are 133 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Rainbow Falls Provincial Park.
5 Star Rating   March 15th, 2014   Spectacular views of Lake Superior
Rainbow Falls Provincial park is divided into two units - Rossport (with lakefront sites on Lake Superior) and Whitesand Lake unit (with nicely spaced, wooded sites, some with a view of Whitesand lake). We`ve always camped in the Rossport unit, and love being right on Lake Superior. This is at the northern side of the lake, where the view includes several wooded islands. Camp here in late June - early July, and it`s twilight until almost 11 PM. We rate this campground as excellent because in the Rossport unit, most of the sites are right on the lake, and the views are spectacular. The hikes are interesting and somewhat challenging (Rainbow Falls, Back Forty, etc.,), and Whitesand Lake is remote and beautiful for canoeing and Kayaking. The only downside to the Rossport unit is that it is very close to the highway and RR tracks. At night, the semi trucks and trains are LOUD. In our minds, the view and privacy more than make up for the noise, which is only bothersome at night.
Submitted by: RatherBcamping
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