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Pikes Peak State Park

15316 Great River Rd, McGregor, Iowa 52157 USA
(563) 873-2341
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There is 1 review of Pikes Peak State Park.
4 Star Rating   March 14th, 2014   Pikes Peak State Park is a great fall camping destination
When we camped in Pikes Peak State Park in the middle of October, about 50% of the leaves were already down, and therefore the ground (and trail) were covered with a patchwork of color from the huge leaves. We had a lot of fun walking through leaves so deep that we couldn`t find the edges of the trail. The park views are beautiful any time of year, but in fall the bluffs are especially beautiful with the variety of brilliant fall color. This park seems to have the highest bluffs and best river views of the area. Would definitely camp here in the fall again.
Submitted by: RatherBcamping
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