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Grand Canyon National Park

P.O. Box 129, Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023 USA
(928) 638-7888
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Grand Canyon National Park has 14 campground areas.
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North Rim Campground
Mather Group Campground
Desert View Campground
Mather Campground - Maple Loop
Mather Campground - Oak Loop
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There are 467 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Grand Canyon National Park.
5 Star Rating   May 16th, 2013   Very nice park
We really enjoyed our visit to Grand Canyon National Park. Lots of great exhibits and sights to see.

We just explored the South Rim, but found plenty to do and see. The view is amazing at any point along the canyon. I was a big fan of Desert View personally; the sunset was great when we got there.

We camped in Mather Campground. We got to our site after dark and packed up and left rather early in the morning, so I can`t speak too much to what the campground offers. But from what I saw all of the sites were rather large and offered some nice privacy from your neighbor. I enjoyed our camping experience!
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