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Fushimi Lake Provincial Park

Hearst, Ontario P0L 1N0 Canada
(705) 362-4164
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A popular fishing spot for 800 years, this quiet lake north of Hearst still teems with walleye and northern pike. Fishing is the biggest lure, but the tranquil setting also attracts campers yearning to see wildlife large and small or the dazzling brilliance of the northern lights at night.

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Fushimi Lake Provincial Park has 1 campground area.
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There are 46 campsites at this Park.
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There are 4 reviews of Fushimi Lake Provincial Park.
5 Star Rating   August 25th, 2013   Best park ever
Really good fishing, really friendly staff, clean park and nice camp sites, must go

1 Star Rating   August 14th, 2011
worst park ever. Park is controlled by locals Good luck getting a nice site.They save them for each other Very unfriendly

5 Star Rating   March 30th, 2011
One of my 3 favorite parks in Ontario, I have to go there at least twice a year ....
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