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Earl Rowe Provincial Park

Alliston, Ontario L9R 1W1 Canada
(705) 435-2498
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Every spring, rainbow trout leap up a fish ladder on their way up the Boyne River to spawn. Once occupied by Hurons and farmed by settlers, this scenic river valley has been partially flooded to create a reservoir. Visitors can paddle here, sunbathe at two beaches, swim in a pool big enough for 1,500 or hike to lookouts.

Campground Areas

Earl Rowe Provincial Park has 9 campground areas.
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Salmon Run Campground
Heydon Way Campground
Trillium Woods Campground
Meadowbrook Campground
Rabbit Loop Campground
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There are 456 campsites at this Park.
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There are 3 reviews of Earl Rowe Provincial Park.
2 Star Rating   February 22nd, 2015

3 Star Rating   June 6th, 2012
Nice recreational park especially liked the radio free campsites, smaller sites but quiet no drinking, RVs or excessive amounts of screaming children. Clean bathrooms decent camp store overall a good location within a short drive to Mono Cliffs Provincial Park and other conservation areas.

3 Star Rating   May 9th, 2012
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