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Craig Lake State Park

851 County Rd AKE, Champion, Michigan 49814 USA
(906) 339-4461
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Craig Lake State Park is the most remote state park in the system. Access into the park can be an adventure. Vehicles with high ground clearance are recommended. The park contains six full lakes and a variety of wildlife such as deer, black bear, beaver, loons and moose.

Campground Areas

Craig Lake State Park has 3 campground areas.
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Main Campground - Rustic Loop
Main Campground - Yurt Loop
Main Campground - Cabin Loop


There are 17 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Craig Lake State Park.
5 Star Rating   February 10th, 2015   Midwest Wilderness
This is UP wilderness. Beautiful, remote and wild. The road in is gravel and rough, it could be cleared by a car if you went slow and dodged the rocks and potholes. It is about a half hour drive from the main road. Rustic tent camping and two rustic cabins are available. Both are pack in/pack out from the parking lot. The trails are beautiful and the entire lake is undeveloped and pristine. We stayed at the rustic cabin. The fishing was exceptional. It is a no wake lake accessible only to canoe or kayak. The shoreline is scenic and rugged. There is no light pollution and the night skies are amazing!!! Fantastic park if you willing to rough it and want to get away from it all.
Submitted by: Great Lakes Camper
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