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Cheboygan State Park

4490 Beach Rd, Cheboygan, Michigan 49721 USA
(231) 627-2811
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Cheboygan State Park has a system of well-marked trails that provide access to scenic Lake Huron vistas and glimpses of rare wildflowers. Modern camping, rustic cabins, and teepees are all available as well as trout fishing on the Little Billy Elliot Creek and fishing on Duncan Bay.

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Cheboygan State Park has 1 campground area.
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There are 77 campsites at this Park.
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There is 1 review of Cheboygan State Park.
3 Star Rating   August 19th, 2013
Didn`t stay long here. Campsites looked alright, if a little bit close together (it wasn`t crowded the night we stayed here). Close to a lot of sites and activities.
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