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Bay City State Rec Area

3582 State Park Dr, Bay City, Michigan 48706 USA
(989) 684-3020
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Bay City State Recreation Area has one of the largest remaining freshwater, coastal wetlands on the Great Lakes, the Tobico Marsh. More than a thousand feet of sandy beach and over 2,000 acres of wetland woods, wet meadows, cattail marshlands and oak savannah prairies make it an ideal staging area for migratory birds.

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There is 1 review of Bay City State Rec Area.
2 Star Rating   April 27th, 2015   Okay
Bay City is a mix of pros and cons. They have an excellent playground, splash pad and visitors center. However, these are all across a busy street from the camping area. There is a wide beach on the Saginaw Bay. But, the water is a mud brown. Not just stirred up from the waves but mud colored. There are hiking trails through the wetlands with boardwalks to keep your feet dry. The scenery is okay. It`s not that is a bad campground, but it just doesn`t compare with Michigan`s other beautiful coastal campgrounds. On a side note, if you are a birder the wetlands support a diverse bird population.
Submitted by: Great Lakes Camper
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