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Upper Sioux Agency State Park

5908 Highway 67, Granite Falls, Minnesota 56241 USA
(320) 564-4777
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4 Star Rating   September 24th, 2012   Beautiful Location
There`s a richness to this place. Wonderful campground as well. Quiet, fairly separate campsites at a campground that is fairly distant from the Twin Cities and distraction.

5 Star Rating   October 9th, 2010
Very cool campground. Nice interpretive center, plenty of good hiking with great views.

Camping options for all interests, whether coming with a boat, car, tent, horses, or want to stay in a tipi!

The campground has a lot of history relating to the Sioux Uprising from the 1860's. There is a historic site relating to that, and many signs explaining some of the history.
Submitted by: Brian Prom
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