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Sakatah Lake State Park

50499 Sakatah Lake SP Rd, Waterville, Minnesota 56096 USA
(507) 362-4438
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4 Star Rating   July 4th, 2016   Nice secluded sites
The sites here are nice and secluded. Lots of growth, shrubs, and trees between sites. There is no interpretive center here. there are some nice hiking trails. There is a boat launch. They rent canoes and kayaks. We did some geocaching and biked the extremely nice paved trail. The campground itself has hills and some of the sites are on a hill. We had a truck camper that we removed at site #39 and it worked very well. Other sites would not have worked for us as the hills would have been too steep. Most of the sites would be just fine though.
Submitted by: MNBen

3 Star Rating   March 22nd, 2011
Nice park. Some great campsites. Nice hiking trails.

4 Star Rating   June 27th, 2010
Nice little park. Some nice hiking trails. The Sakatah trail runs through it, which is MANY miles long and good for biking. I wish I would have brought my fishing pole...
Submitted by: Brian Prom
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