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Minneopa State Park

54497 Gadwall Road, Mankato, Minnesota 56001 USA
(507) 389-5464
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4 Star Rating   June 2nd, 2013
Lovely waterfall and nice hiking and picnic facilities nearby. Minneopa Park has a weird structure--the falls and office are separated from the campground, prairie restoration, and Seppmann windmill bay a mile or two. Campsites in Loop A are roomy, while Loop B are closer with few trees. The campground has only pit toilets, although there is running water in sinks and showers. Lots of things to see in nearby Mankato and New Ulm.

4 Star Rating   June 30th, 2010
Due to the recent 2 days of severe weather, the river is flowing very well. The biggest I've ever seen the falls! The park was full of wild life, sun, and great photography!
Submitted by: Brian Prom

4 Star Rating   July 28th, 2009
Nice small park with roomy campsites.

A few hiking trails that offer varied and nice scenery. Great park for a day hike or to take your family too.

The park is also very close to Mankato MN which offers a variety of things to do for families, couples, and singles.

3 Star Rating   July 14th, 2009
The word Minneopa comes from the Dakota language and means "water falling twice" which you can see in the falls area. The waterfall is very pretty and I'm told is much stronger in the spring. The park is a bit strange because the falls and main office area are seperated from the campground by about a mile and a half of driving through non-park areas and highway 68. This park seemed to have an abundance of flies, mosquitos and tons of daddy long-leg spiders. It also seemed to have very heavy dew in the mornings. The map shows a toilet in the A loop near A12 but in reality there was none so we had to walk all the way to the main restrooms. We were awoken at 12:30am by the rumbling of a freight train. Later we found out a train track runs right behind A12 - A18 at the bottom of a 50 foot cliff. Seppman Mill is another attraction here and was a good drive down a dirt road.
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