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McCarthy Beach State Park

7622 McCarthy Beach Rd, Side Lake, Minnesota 55781 USA
(218) 254-7979
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3 Star Rating   September 5th, 2013   Tall pine trees and nice swimming area
Overall a decent park. It is really wooded with some beautiful, tall, pines. The swimming area is nice. Unfortunately we didn`t make it to any of the hiking trails so I cannot comment on those.

1. Beautiful tall pine trees.
2. Really nice lakes and swimming area.
3. Nice fishing pier in Side Lake Campground.
4. There is a gas station about 1 block away from the park entrance. Great for picking up gas, ice, and a coffee.

1. The park is really spread out. The two campgrounds are miles apart.
2. There is a major road that goes between the swimming/picnic area and Side Lake Campground.
3. As others mentioned, the hiking trails are nowhere near the campgrounds.
4. The main road that goes through the Side Lake Campground is supposed to be a two-way road. However, it`s barely large enough to be a one-way! Several times we would pass people walking and other cars and had to nearly pull over off the road until they passed. It would certainly be nice if they could widen this.
5. There are only two mens and two womens showers for the entire park. We didn`t have to wait too terribly long in line, but some more would have been nice.
Submitted by: Jeff Prom

4 Star Rating   October 2nd, 2012   The park grows on you
On arrival, I was disappointed with how open the campsites were, as you can see many of your neighbors from your campsite. But after 3 nights here, my fondness grew for this park. The hiking paths are amazing, especially in the Fall. The staff were friendly. The park is well maintained. My only big annoyance was that many of the hiking/biking paths are located about 2 miles from the main campground. I was at the park without a vehicle for most of my stay, so hiking or biking a couple miles before I even got to the trails was not ideal. But, we made it work.
Submitted by: rainbwblu
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