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Itasca State Park

36750 Main Park Drive, Park Rapids, Minnesota 56470 USA
(218) 266-2100
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5 Star Rating   August 10th, 2017   One of the Most Amazing Places to Visit
The park has such beauty it is breathtaking. The history of this park and the area it is in just makes you feel honored to be there! I wish I could spend more time here and would recommend it to anyone. There is so much to do and see, or you can just relax and soak in the amazing scenery. Wildlife is everywhere and going out birding is fantastic. No matter what you like to do , hike, bike, canoe, bird watching, fishing, or viewing amazing forests you will not be disappointed. Except when you have to leave :) And if you are not into being very "rustic" they have exceptional lodging choices with a restaurant and wifi is available. Enjoy:)
Submitted by: parktravler

3 Star Rating   October 3rd, 2016   Bear Paw Camp ground
The camp site that we stayed at 19E, was right next to the showers and restrooms. The shower/restroom facality is the best I have seen while camping in my lifetime. The only complaint we have is the aggressive raccoons. We stayed at Bear Paw for 3 nights, and either the same raccooon approached us each night or a different raccoon did. A raccoon opened the zipper of our tent, came in and ate the only food we had in our tent, an unopen bag of chips. I do have pictures of the raccoon feast.

5 Star Rating   July 7th, 2013   Love this park!
It`s a wonderful place to visit. So much to see and do. Don`t forget your bikes! Fall is beautiful. Campground is busy, but clean, as are the showers and bathroom facilities. You will be happy you made the drive!

5 Star Rating   July 30th, 2012   Bring your bike
What a great park to visit. Lots to do. Lots of paths to walk and bike. Definitely bring your bike, as you will be disappointed if you don`t. It is a well ran park. The campgrounds are big and busy, but well kept.
Submitted by: rainbwblu

4 Star Rating   August 16th, 2011
Love this park. There are tons of things to do. We always go to the headwaters of the mississippi and the fire tower. Many hikes available throughout the park. Many backpacking sites available as well.
Submitted by: LisaJ

3 Star Rating   October 2nd, 2010
Loads of trails and hiking, biking. Very well maintained facilities. Please staff too. Bear Paw campground is more rustic.

4 Star Rating   July 12th, 2010
Itasca is a wonderful park with many things to keep you busy. Pontoon and Bike rentals are wonderful. Bathrooms are very clean and water was warm. Our site was very wooded and very private. Main lodge area was historic and beautiful for photos

5 Star Rating   October 9th, 2009
Itasca is a good sized park with lots of interesting things to do. The main attraction is the Mississippi headwaters. This is where the river starts and flows all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. It's a meer babbling brooke which you can walk across over rocks, or on a wooden plank. They have a very nice visitor center and a couple museums. There is an Inn, cabins, a historic cemetary, beach, logging sled, playground, the Wegmann Store Replica and ruins, and a bike rental area.
Submitted by: Jeff Prom
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