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Interstate State Park

Taylors Falls, Minnesota 55084 USA
(651) 465-5711
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3 Star Rating   June 2nd, 2015   Wisconsin Side is Better
I`ve camped at Interstate a few times now. There is a lot to see and do here, which is why I love it! The campground itself is definitely not as private as we like, however. There are a couple of more private sites, but they`re tough to get. They`re very strict about alcohol on the sites, so be very careful or you might get booted!

Overall, it`s a nice place to stay, but if you`re looking for more privacy, go to the Wisconsin campground!

3 Star Rating   July 28th, 2009
The park is split into two areas. There is the picnic and campground area, and further north up the highway is the hiking and scenic area. The campground is a single loop and is close to the river. However, the sites felt very cramped with nothing really seperating you from your neighbor. The picnic area is really nice. As for the trails further north, it has some really beautiful scenery of the St. Croix river. Some trails through the rocky areas make it fun. There are a lot of potholes that were formed by glaciers. We were surprised at how many people were there rock climbing. I would give the campground 2 stars, but the tourist area 4 stars. So I'll give it a 3 overall.
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