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Frontenac State Park

29223 County 28 Boulevard, Frontenac, Minnesota 55026 USA
(651) 345-3401
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3 Star Rating   July 10th, 2012   Great views of Lake Pepin but came up a little short
We camped at Frontenac this past weekend and had a nice trip. While the park was kept up very well and the staff were friendly, we found it to be a bit limiting on things to do. The park offers quite a few hiking trails, but be warned that a fair amount of them can be quite rugged with trees down and some really steep slopes. The picnic area is easy to get to and has some beautiful views of Lake Pepin below. From here, bald eagles can frequently be seen. We can vouch for this since a couple flew right in front of us!

We were told you can normally go swimming at Sand Point (Point Au Sable). However, the water was too high so they didn`t recommend it. We went to go take a look, but just to get there you need to hike .7 miles through the woods. The mosquitos were so bad we turned back and never made it.

Another main attraction is the In Yan Teopa Rock (Rock with Hole). It`s a large rock on the side of a slope with a hole in it. It sounded important in the literature, but felt like an afterthought when we went to go see it. The main sign is above it and you can`t see the rock due to trees, and the fact that you are essentially on top of it. Then you go down a steep trail and if you don`t stop to try and see the rock you might miss it since it`s hidden in the trees. I think I was the only one in our group who actually stopped to look for it.

I debated between 3 or 4 stars as a rating and if we could do half stars I would have given a 3.5. The group I was with said they would give it a 3 so that`s what I`m rating it as. From reading the history of the area and why the
park was created, I felt they came up a little short on delivering the historic signifigance to visitors.
Submitted by: Jeff Prom
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