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Fort Ridgely State Park

72158 County Road 30, Fairfax, Minnesota 55332 USA
(507) 426-7840
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4 Star Rating   March 22nd, 2011
Camped here a few years ago. Nice little park with some nice campsites and awesom hiking trails!

4 Star Rating   November 7th, 2009
Very nice park. Nice hiking trails and overlooks.

There is a golf course in this state park. It is a very low priced course, but very nice and slightly challenging.

Maybe I shouldn't share this, but since it was late in the season and their course was technically closed, we were encouraged to golf for free! The weather was great; too bad my game wasn't...

Lots of history in this park too regarding the military fort that once was used here and the battles that happened as well.
Submitted by: Brian Prom
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