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Coconino National Forest

1824 S Thompson St, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 USA
(928) 527-3600
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3 Star Rating   August 17th, 2009
Funny that I'd read the post from July 13th because we were there the following weekend and experienced the same problem. We arrived on Thursday night with intentions to spend 3 nights. There was a very loud and rambunctious group that partied until we packed up and left at 11pm (I'm sure they continued on for longer). The thing I learned is that when there's no campground host it can be more of a problem. The sites were small but nice, pit toilet bathrooms smelled horrible, but the creek and swimming area behind were top notch.

3 Star Rating   July 13th, 2009
Our campsite was great with thck brush and trees between the site and the neighbors. Camping on a Saturday night isn't the greatest idea if you want a quiet experience. Seems like a lot of youger adults and teenagers use the forest as a place to have a kegger.
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