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Blue Mounds State Park

1410 161st Street, Luverne, Minnesota 56156 USA
(507) 283-1307
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4 Star Rating   May 27th, 2015
We fell in love with this park. Love the trails. Were able to see two herds of bison. Campground wasn`t worth staying at. We stayed 30 minutes away at Split Rock Creek State Park. Will definitely be back!
Submitted by: rainbwblu

3 Star Rating   August 12th, 2011
The campground is OK. Not all the sites have much privacy or tree coverage. The hike along the ridge is nice, and the buffalo are fun to watch.

5 Star Rating   October 3rd, 2010
Great park that offers a lot. They claim to have buffalo, though we had a hard time seeing them. Others did say they saw the buffalo though... Fishing, hiking, very pretty park.

We were where during a pretty rough storm. Many trees fell and there was damage to some vehicles. We got lucky and were safe. The campground staff was very attentive to the storm checking if everyone was alright. They also started very quickly on the cleanup.
Submitted by: Brian Prom
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